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Beauty Consultant Shauna Bailey

Shauna Bailey is a nationally recognized MK Beauty Consultant that woman trust when they need expert advice about retaining their youthful, healthy skin and revealing their natural beauty.

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Welcome to Beauty & Brains

Each year I will take a walk in the snow and I can see the delicate flakes float down and feel them land on my arm. Each flake possesses the same familiarity and beauty that is... well... snow! But deep inside each little flake of snow is the distinct and complex pattern that makes each one unique and beautiful.

And so it is with women - Smart and beautiful, inside and out! I love working with women everywhere, yet connect with each person one-on-one.

Shauna Bailey - Beauty Consultant
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Beauty and Brains Founder Shauna Bailey

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Mary Kay is a beauty product company that has built a solid reputation on quality beauty products and personal service through beauty consultants. I am an ADVANCED Product Consultant, which means I have advanced knowledge of color and skin care products. Contact me today and I will help you find the right products to help bring out your natural beauty!

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Your exclusive and personalized online shopping experience begins when you click the "Shop Now" button and you enter the world of Mary Kay. The latest skin care and beauty lines and made for today's woman.

Call me with any questions you have. I am happy to help with recommendations, product questions or warranty requests. Just because your online doesn't mean you can't also be on the phone with me.

I love helping you find exactly what you want, when you want it!

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